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The Quizling Duck Tavern and understructures
Ah, the Quizling Duck, a small tavern where you can get a nice drink and sit around in a quaint little bar where no one will bother you and everyone seems pretty deep into their cups.

It’s the kind of place where you don’t expect anyone to talk to you, try to entertain you, or even comment on exactly how much of an alcoholic you are. It is, of course, also linked pretty tightly with the local thieves’ guild (the Hander’s Road Business Association).

The main structure of the tavern is an old stone building that serves as the back area, kitchen, and living space for the proprietor (Terrance Two-Thumbs – the fat and balding man covered in grease who waddles out to serve people beer at all hours of the day and night). The main tavern area is a wooden structure that was attached to the stone building when it stopped being a carpet-vendor’s and started serving alcohol.

The front door of the building is usually open, and the back door is locked with a trick lock that can be locked from outside without the key, but cannot be unlocked without it. But the real surprise is in the basement – which isn’t even under the building proper (it was once the basement of the adjoining building which has since been demolished and replaced with wooden slum houses).

The southern door in the basement is also locked – but most guild members of the Hander’s Road Business Association have a copy of the key. From there you can access a smuggling tunnel that leads down past Hander’s Road to the docks, as well as passing past the sewers (although sewer access is restricted by a set of iron bars firmly ensconced in the stonework).

The chamber in the lower right of the map was once meant to be a crypt for the local church, but is now the store room for the Hander’s Road Business Association smuggling operations with the various side rooms each being locked as well as the main door (and typically there is a guard or two posted down here if there are valuables in transit).

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