"Do You Believe In Magic?"
Hey folks. There's something you may not know and Should know about me, before we go any further: A lot of what and where I am, today, i got by magic. No joke. http://scholarworks.gsu.edu/philosophy_theses/37/ Sigil magic, will working, ritualized intention and transformation and transmutation of space, time, resources. Call it "Weaponised Psychological Engineering," "Applied Presentness," "An Attempt at Bridging Quantum And Classical Information Theory," "Really Aggressive Prayer," or whatever else gets you through the day, but for both convenience and connotative weight, I'm going with "Magic." It's arresting, it's something that tells people that they need to consider new rules, new causal pathways. If they mistake me for having said "NO causal pathways," then that's dirt in their ears, not my mouth. Jung, Newton, Yates, and a number of contemporary physicists and engineers we know have all looked at the principles of a magical practice as useful, valid, worth exploring, and it's on their recommendations (and my own) that i urge people to investigate and discuss how they might understand, utilize, and apply a concept of magic, in their lives. We'll talk more on this, soon, about how it plays into questions of technology and the future, but i felt now, today, was as good a time as any to broach the subject. Have a good Tuesday.
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