"Hey, have you guys been shut down?"
So, the list of what's been going on is this: No, no one has been shut down. We're all fine here, just a lot of things going on. We're starting to get back to work, our summer vacations with our families and loved ones are all done and it's time to get back to work. First have to fix one of our camera lenses since Jan fell with the camera down a slope on one of our last shootings and broke it (not too bad, just some loose connection somewhere inside). Yes, we have video. Yes, It is funny. Yes, well post it soon :) We then start filming in September with at least two major (Sunday) videos that month and a few simple Wednesday videos. Your contributions here on Patreon are what helps us finance this whole thing: our equipment, our range time, some of our ammo and some of our time spent editing and filming the videos. We literally can't thank you enough for helping us get these things going. Our videos are free but are made possible by our viewer's donations. If you'd like to support those free videos and help us reach our other milestones you can do that here. Starting at a maximum of 4$ per month for a whole month's worth of our content is a pretty good deal, plus you get cool rewards and access to our private Facebook page to hang out with us :D We're also working on new t-shirt designs: The AK and AR Operator/Specialist will be all new. We're also working on a FAL Operator and a VZ Specialist. We're talking with a Slovenian company that makes quality PVC patches. If the talks go well, we'll hopefully be able to offer some PVC patches - concepts can be seen in the picture below on some UF PRO gear. So, as you can see, lots of work in the design department. We're also working on new video animations for our S03 of videos (season three, but S03 looks more cool) as well as unifying the design across all our platforms. The DVD is still in the planning phase. Hopefully we can start filming October or November. Hopefully we'll have it out by new years, but that's pretty optimistic. More likely sometime in January or February. And like Žiga said in our last Q&A, some of you here on Patreon who've contributed so much our way will get it for free. And all of the patrons will be getting Patreon-only discount codes. That's about it. See you soon! The Team