"The Twitch Situation"
Ok so, today had a TON of news out of twitch about changes the site is taking and frankly at this moment... I am 100% unsure of the way the wind will blow. For the short-term, streams outside the live podcast and maybe some games I dont archive like civ or the like are going to be on hold while I wait and see if the copyright rule changes impact my twitch archives at all. If they do, I may need to consider a new streaming platform for my live content or I may re-format the entire campaign and focus exclusively on my podcasts If I cannot find a suitable substitute. If they don't, then it is back to business as usual for the stream. I want to state clearly however that this WILL NOT change the podcast schedules. I will continue to do the live-cast as normal (which will also now be local recorded the same as the tabletop show for better audio on the youtube upload without the game footage) and the tabletop will continue to come out every two weeks. I hope everyone sticks with me during this uncertain time.
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