"Yesterday's" Comic> Fury Of Firestorm #37
Fury Of Firestorm #37 DC Comics (July, 1985) "Not In Our Stars But In Ourselves!" WRITER: Joey Cavalieri ARTIST: Alez Nino COLORIST: Nansi Hollahan LETTERER: Duncan Andrews EDITOR: Julius Schwartz Framing Sequence WRITER: Gerry Conway ARTIST: Rafael Kayanan INKERS: Akin & Garvey The framing sequence has Martin introducing Ronnie to sushi (and Ronnie introducing himself to the toilet once he finds out what it is) as the two discuss how Ronnie learned to manage Firestorm's inability to directly affect organic material. The main story takes place in the early days of the Nuclear Man's career as Ronnie is having nightmares about the "feedback" he gets when trying to deal with organic material. He attends a debate on astrology and the astrologist later approaches him, telling him he will soon deal with a test...which Firestorm later fails. Except Ronnie dreamed that encounter (the test at least) and this time knows how to stop an alien spore hidden in a meteorite without the feedback blowing up the museum. What they got right: I like how they added a framing device noting upcoming changes (everyone going to college) to what I'm guessing is a filler prepared in the early days of the comic, possibly even the original mini or a The Flash backup since the logo is missing "Fury Of". It also feels a little shorter than normal so the framing adds some padding to full-length. I also like that they explored one of Firestorm's weaknesses as part of Ronnie's growth as the one in control of Firestorm. What they got wrong: Maybe I'm just used to Conway by now but Cavaleri, while a good writer, doesn't quite have the voices for the characters the way I'm used to. The astrology bit doesn't seem to have any major influence on the story outside of giving Ronnie some kind of warning. And the art is not as good as usual on this comic. The lines are thicker and Ronnie is a bit beefier than usual, or would make sense for a basketball player. Recommendation: A decent stand-alone story but not that great or one that is a must-have unless your want the complete run.