"Yesterday's" Comic> Solarman #2
Solarman #2 Marvel (May, 1990) "This Silent Death, This Hostage Earth" WRITER: Stan Lee (which you guessed from the title) PENCILER: Mike Zeck FINISHER: Hector Redondo COLORIST: Bob Sharen LETTERER: Janice Chiang EDITOR: Bob Budiansky "SOLARMAN" CREATOR: David Oliphant Ben uses his powers as Solarman to deal with some punks trying to muscle his dad for protection money. But attempts to tell him or Jenny that he's Solarman meets with blockades every time. So he decides to stop trying just as Doctor Doom announces he can stop the destruction of the ozone layer if the world meets his demands. Ben, however, suspects that he has to be the cause and investigates. Getting caught, Ben turns into Solarman and destroys Doom's satellite, which is the cause of the depletion. A fight with Doom ends at a stalemate (try telling Doom that) because the sun is setting. Not that it matters. Doctor Doom is actually sick in bed. What they got right: While I'd prefer Solarman be his own character (and fight Gormagga Kraal again) if Lee wanted to put him in the Marvel universe, Doom is a decent enough opponent. What they got wrong: It was months before this next issue came out, and it's a letdown. Ben's hair looks closer to red than brown, but that could be me. The art is a step down from the first issue. (Not bad but not as good.) And deciding that Solarman turns back to Ben when the sun sets is a lame weakness. Recommendation: Stick with the first issue, or better yet the cartoon pilot. This issue really isn't worth it. Solarman never appears again at Marvel, and if Oliphant can get the rights back I'd like to see him try again. There's potential in the character, his friends, and his enemies, but you wouldn't know it from these two comics.