"Yesterday's" Comic> The Transformers #66
The Transformers #66 Marvel (May, 1990) "Matrix Quest" finale "All Fall Down WRITER: Simon Furman ARTIST: Geoff Senior COLORIST: Nel Yomtov LETTERER: Jim Massara EDITOR: Don Daley Unicron, looking to ensure the Transformers won't stand between him and Primus' destruction, re-create three escaping villains from his latest meal into Hook, Line, and Sinker, and plans to send them into one of his other timelines. Although he senses that the Creation Matrix is now marred by evil. An evil that slowly takes control of Thunderwing as he mows down Autobots. Only Optimus can stand against him, trying to warn him that the now evil Matrix is taking him over but it's only when he shoots Spinister than he realizes what's happening. The distraction isn't enough for Optimus to regain the Matrix but Nightbeat has a plan that sends Thunderwing out of the Ark and possibly to his death, with the Matrix. Now the Autobots must find a new way to eliminate Unicron! In other words THIS WHOLE STORYLINE WAS A FAT LOT OF NOTHING! The whole story was about finding the Matrix to use against Unicron, the result of retconning the Creation Matrix program into the Autobot Matrix Of Leadership physical object. He didn't just recreate the Creation Matrix, he did it just to get rid of it. What was even the point? There are times when I can't tell what a Transformer is supposed to be because the artist didn't study the toys and Furman doesn't like having them transform unless he has to. Not that the art is that great to begin with. The sad thing I remember liking this arc. Not loving it but liking it. Having read through again the "Matrix Quest" storyline isn't the last good Furman story, it's where it started falling apart, making this issue's title rather appropriate. Optimus' reasoning for not taking out Thunderwing comes off less noble and more flaking out, something that will become the norm for Furman's Optimus Prime. Then you have the cameo of Shockwave as he follows Starscream sneaking out of Decepticon HQ on Earth (which somehow he knows where Scorponok set up after the island base was destroyed), using "interrogative" before every question and "theory" before giving a theory, like he's running an English class. It's quite stupid. "Matrix Quest" had a good concept around a questionable goal and lackluster execution. This is the point where I really start warning you away from this series, and yet so many fans seem to be in love with the Furman run. I have no idea why and I never will.