"Yesterday's" Comic> Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Special
Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Special Dark Horse (August, 1987) WRITERS: Randy Stradley & Steve Bissette PENCILERS: Steve Bissette & Ron Randall INKERS: Art Nichols & Tony Salmons COVER COLORIST: Steve Mattsson LETTERER: David Jackson ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: Paul Chadwick, Rick Geary, Keith Giffen, Alan Moore, Mark A. Nelson, & Charles Vess EDITOR: Randy Stradley A woman named Noriko sits in her apartment and remembers when Godzilla appeared in this continuity along with the monsters Soran the Thunderbird and Inagos, the locust-king. Her father had been investigating a slab found at a construction site, but the angry foreman, Burton, was the least of their problems when he translated the text. Every thousand years the "disaster monsters" awakened, the slab somehow calling them, so it was left on the main island of Japan, Honshu, to protect the rest of the world. The only way to save Japan was for Burton to fly the slab into the ocean, while Noriko's dad sacrificed himself to keep the monster from his family, although his wife later was buried by rubble from Godzilla's movement towards the slab. Now Noriko survives with only her memories and one of Godzilla's scales, which she believes is the key to ending Godzilla once and for all! What they got right: The black-and-white artwork is well done and beautifully tells the story. It's an alternate take on Godzilla but an interesting one. I like the designs for Soran and Inagos. What they got wrong: However, Soran attacks the helicopter and then drowns chasing the slab. Inagos doesn't so anything at all except being the source of a locus plague. And neither appears again in the Dark Horse series to follow in the 90s. Other notes: Noriko and Burton, however, WILL appear again and play an important part in the first few issues. We will start looking at the ongoing next week. Recommendation: This is a very good story, and there are some nice extras in the form of pin-up art and memories of the Godzilla movies (which had only recently restarted in Japan and wouldn't hit US theaters again until Godzilla 2000, even Biollante was dubbed for HBO and that was the last Godzilla movie seen in the US for years). I highly recommend this comic to Godzilla fans, and it plays a big part in the series to follow, even if it's not required to follow what happens next.