"Yesterday's" Comic> WCW World Championship Wrestling #1
WCW World Championship Wrestling #1 Marvel (April, 1992) "Battle Royal" WRITER: Mike Lackey PENCILER: Ron Wilson INKER: Don Hudson COLORIST: Nel Yomtov LETTERER: Phil Felix EDITOR: Mike Rockwitz Based on the then-popular wrestling league (before Eric Bischoff made the mistake of openly challenging the WWE), the first issue begins with an over-the-top-rope battle royal, commentated by Jim Ross, Missy Hyatt, and Paul E. Dangerously. Competing are: Ron Simmons Terrence Taylor El Gigante Rick and Scott, the Steiner Brothers Flyin' Brian Pillman the rapmaster, PN News Big Van Vader The Diamond Studd "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes Johnny B. Badd Barry Windham Double A, Arn Anderson The Z-Man, Tom Zenk and the US Champion, Sting! The winner gets a donation to his favorite charity, a "wrestler of the year" trophy, and a title shot for the world championship, held at the time by Lex Luger. That doesn't sit well with the champ, who attacks the winner, Ron Simmons. What they got right: This was rather action-packed, like a good pro wrestling match. Only since this is a comic we get to actually hear what they're saying to each other. So you get a lot of fun taunts (and some not so good ones) and a discussion of "babyface" versus "heel". Plus the commentary by Ross, Hyatt, and Dangerously uses specific colored caption boxes so you can tell which one is speaking (although between Missy's accent and Dangerously having headset trouble that was pretty easy anyway...still, kudos to Phil Felix on this one). And Yomtov doesn't do as many of his shortcuts except with the audience, which makes perfect sense. The art isn't just good by 90s standards, but good overall, getting the look of each wrestler down pat. What they got wrong: I used to be a wrestling fan, but I wouldn't call myself an expert. Still, I'd put the steel cage match as more dangerous than the battle royal. Maybe that's just me. Other notes: Luger and Simmons would in fact wrestle for the belt at Halloween Havoc later that year, which Luger won. Recommendation: A good wrestling match and a good comic. Wrestling fans should give this issue a look. Not every issue was about the match, though. Tomorrow I'll look at the other WCW comic I own, which played more into a storyline at the time.