"Yesterday's" Comic> The Transformers #68
The Transformers #68 Marvel Comics (July, 1990) "The Human Factor!" WRITER: Simon Furman ARTIST: Dwayne Truner COLORIST: Nel Yomtov LETTERER: Rick Parker EDITOR: Don Daley After RATT's numerous failings, born out of treating Autobot and Decepticon the same, Blackrock has assembled a team of people with strange powers to form the Neo Knights. Current members, Rapture and Thunderpunch, are brought by Blackrock to recruit a third member, but both Starscream and Circuit Breaker are already vying for their own sides. However, Blackrock is not only to convince him to join his team, but talks Circuit Breaker into going with him, while Starscream is about to be recruited himself, by Shockwave! What they got right: Hey, the humans finally assembled a team who will fight WITH the Autobots against the Decepticons. Cool. What they got wrong: Unfortunately, it's the Neo Knights, who won't officially be called that for a few issues, but tonight I'll be discussing my problems with these people in the next installment of The Furman Files for the next commentary. Suffice it to say I don't like them as characters or as concepts. Worse is the artwork. It's terrible. Proportion is out the window. Yomtov's colors are really the only good thing about this comic. Recommendation: If you're following the Furman run then this is an important issue since it sets up their later return as well as Starscream and Shockwave's team-up. Otherwise, it's not very good and not recommended.