"Yesterday's" Comic> Godzilla #1 (Dark Horse)
Godzilla #1 Dark Horse (June, 1995) "Dramatization" WRITER: Kevin Maguire PENCILER: Brandon McKinney INKER: Keith Aiken COLORIST: Cary Porter LETTERER: Pat Brosseau EDITOR: Robert V. Conte Také appears on a talk show, and the host, Kate Koshiro, takes a liking to him. When Godzilla resurfaces, Také and Kino take a beacon that is supposed to lead Godzilla to a facility where they can study him, but it's sabotaged. This gives the US Colonel Cameron the opportunity to break out his secret weapon, the giant robot Cybersaur! What they got right: Cybersaur make look like a 90s knockoff of MechaGodzilla, but without the license extending to MechaG I can accept it. And it's pretty cool. The writing is very natural, with the characters having their own voice and making me want to see them in action. What they got wrong: Noriko and Burton are just on the crew. The last time we saw them, Burton held a gun on them while Noriko shot Godzilla with poison (which doesn't appear to be working), yet they appear to be just other members of G-Force. I'd like to know how they were accepted. Recommendation: I know where this storyline is going, and G-Fans will like what happens before this arc is over. The art is amazing, and I enjoy reading the whole series. So get them all.