"Yesterday's" Comic> Fury Of Firestorm #59
I didn't get to ask this last issue. If it says Fury Of in the publishing credits, why is it just Firestorm on the cover now? Fury Of Firestorm #59 DC Comics (May, 1987) Glasshouses WRITER: John Ostrander PENCILER: Joe Brozowsky INKER: Dennis Janke COLORIST: Nansi Hoolahan LETTERER: Duncan Andrews EDITOR: Denny O'Neil As Darkseid deals with is losses during "Legends", The Parasite decides to keep Ronnie and Martin alive in order to use Firestorm as a battery. He also lets slip to Ronnie that Martin has an inoperable brain tumor and Ronnie isn't happy about that, deciding later that they aren't the friends he thought they were. Firehawk regains her powers and comes after the duo. He forces Parasite to burn off his power just as Ronnie is able to reestablish the fusion. As Firestorm he nearly kills Parasite, scaring off Loraine, who is worried that Ronnie has a few issues...and Ronnie isn't sure he wouldn't have killed him. What they got right: While I still question returning him to the DC universe in Firestorm's title rather than Superman's (Parasite even discusses having a strange urge to absorb Superman's power), he makes a good threat for Firestorm and Firehawk. Also, no Cliff Carmichael. What they got wrong: "Wrong" is kind of subjective. I can't say the story was bad because it wasn't. However, Ostrander is really taking things in a darker direction by killing off Martin, Ronnie having a rage inside him, and splitting the two up. Knowing what he's setting up later makes this even sadder for me. The lightheartedness of Conway's original stories are gone, and Ostrander seems focused on Marvel-style personal issues alone as far as character relationship. If you like that, fine. I'm just not a fan of it. Recommendation: I wouldn't chase anybody away from this point in the series. However, it's hard to recommend it when what I like about the title is being slowly chipped away.