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Game Boy #2 Valiant/Nintendo Comics System (1990) "It's A Small World After All" no titles given on credits with these comics so I'll just list them in the order they have Mark McChlellan & Bill Vallely Dennis Francis Art Nichols Jade The Gradations Having read the first issue at some point but never owned it, the plot of this series was that Super Mario Land can act as a gateway to Sarsasaland, the world the game took place in. Tatanga, the villain of the series, thinks that he could get Daisy to marry him by giving her the world, namely ours, because he understands women less than I do. Kids can bring Mario into our world by finding a special area of the game. Tatanga used a human from our world named Herman Smirch to operate a Game Boy to bring his troops into our world. That's the plot of the story. In this issue a girl named Tannis is hoping to see the space shuttle while visiting her grandmother. Herman, meanwhile, tries to get rid of his Game Boy but Tatanga is able to hypnotize him somehow through the dimensions to steal another one. Tatanga thinks a vacation may make Daisy more susceptible to his proposal and seeks to conquer Disney World. They hijack a plane where Tannis was being shown around by the flight attendant. When Tatanga complains about the plane's speed she lets slip how fast the shuttle goes, so he decides to steal it, ending up in space. Herman takes pity on the now scared girl and lends her his jacket...which happens to have his Game Boy in it. The kids from the first issue somehow got world around the world about Tatanga but Tannis needs her sister's help to get Mario out. Instead, the mini-plumber ends up in space like you see on the cover. Mario is able to get back into the shuttle and sabotages it, forcing Tatanga's forces to fix it before everybody dies, but then retreats when Daisy fakes being injured. Mario returns and Tannis finds herself at the "It's A Small World" presentation at Disney World. What they got right: There's some continuity to the story with the previous issue. It's nice to see a kids comic do that. The mix of real world and video world character works decently enough visually. I'm assuming they used the manual images to figure out how to draw and color the characters rather than have them look like Game Boy's limited sprites. As ridiculous as the concept might be, it works to have an adventure to promote the Game Boy. What they got wrong: Although it doesn't really do that. In fact, knowing the thing is a gateway for villains, you might be less interested in buying one. The story doesn't show off what the Game Boy can do and the series is completely focused on Super Mario Land although Tetris gets name dropped. The story also isn't all that interesting, even if the characters are. Although I do wonder how this Mario ties in to the dimbulb from the Super Mario Bros. comics. Recommendation: As much as I want to recommend this series I just can't. There are some decent ideas but they get bogged down and the whole thing just feels unnecessary to me. There were better comics from the Nintendo Comics System line that you might want to focus on.
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