"Yesterday's" Comic> Godzilla # 8 (Dark Horse)
Godzilla #8 Dark Horse (January, 1996) "Target: Godzilla" finale WRITER/BREAKDOWNS: Arthur Adams PENCILER: Mike Wolfer INKERS: Daniel Rivera, Justin Bloomer, & Brian Garvey COLORISTS: Albert Deschesne, Art Knight, Perry McNamee, & Cary Porter COVER ART: Kevin Maguire LETTERER: Clem Robins DESIGN: Mark Cox EDITOR: Randy Stradley The Dinaii get their butts kicked by Godzilla. Meanwhile, Také, Kate, and the Dinaii still aboard the ship thwart the Black Hole Planet 3 aliens' attempt to steal the Dinaii ship. The lady alien takes off in a shuttlecraft, reuniting G-Force, who heard everything over Také's communicator. What they got right: The Simians made a great appearance. It's too bad none of the other aliens are going to show up in the comic franchise, or at least IDW hasn't used them yet last I saw. The hunters also get a proper sendoff (to the afterlife). This was a Godzilla story at it's best. What they got wrong: I was kind of hoping the rookie hunter would join the lady in leaving. I'm not calling for a forced romantic moment or anything but he's the only one I felt sorry for at the end, so I wanted him to live. Also, we have a panel with Godzilla wearing the body of one of the hunters still stabbed by the arrows (whose removal are never explained a few scenes later). I really don't need to see that. Recommendation: Godzilla fans should own this run, and this arc was a prime example. I hope the next arc is this good. Then again, it's a time travel story and so far the good/bad time travel stories we've examined here at the Spotlight are tied at one a piece. This could be the tie-breaker unless someone tries it again.