"Yesterday's" Comic> GI Joe (Extreme) #2
GI Joe #2 Dark Horse (January, 1986) WRITER: Mike W. Barr COVER ART: Norm Breygofle COLORIST: David Nestelle LETTERER: Tracey Hampton-Munsey DESIGNER: Cary Grazzini EDITOR: Philip Amara "Pawn Of The Iron Claw" PENCILER: Tatsuya Ishida INKER: Scott Reed "From The Ashes" part 2 "...Few Are Chosen!" STORY: Mike Richardson ARTIST: Jerry Bingham In the main story, Iron Klaw's goals may be more far-reaching than the Duchess'. She just wants royalty ruling Europe but Iron Klaw thinks world domination should be the ultimate goal. He also learns that Quick Stryke (man, the 90s couldn't spell) has a brother among their ranks, and uses his new goon, a guy who tried to break into Von Rani's hotel room and apparently turns into a monster guy when angry (like a wimpy Hulk), to lure him into a trap away from the Joes. Meanwhile, Iron Klaw invades the helicopter carrying the Ferti-Gel creator, only it turns out to be a trap by the Joes, which only leads to Stone and Clancy being tossed out of the helicopter. What they got right: Tall Sally gets some character development as does Quick Stryke. The action is rather good for a 90s comic based on the GI Joe Extreme line, and the American patriotism removed from this line gets put in here and in the back-up story. What they got wrong: Compared to the Duchess (which I remind you is an original character for this comic) Iron Klaw is so generic a bad guy it's a shame he's the main villain. Rampage (who will get named next issue I hope) turns into a green monster man when he gets mad, but for no reason. Even the reason he gets mad to show this off is rather weak. The backup feature moves to 1998, as Clancy (I'm assuming) saves the doctor who will help choose the recruits for Project: GI. As time goes on, they have 12 recruits, but the mysterious person targeting the military bases takes on that base, with only that kid (now grown up) among the bodies. Yeah, after this issue, the kid from the start isn't Clancy, but to be honest Clancy hasn't even been named in the backup and the other guy never will be. So I goofed but it's not like the comic made it easy. What they got right: Our blond hero pushes a bit of the patriotism this line was lacking. What they got wrong: Although some of his lines are rather forced. It's hard to really judge this arc since the parts are so small, being a backup and all. Recommendation: Still a good read thus far, and considering the source material that surprises me. It's worth a look to see how the show SHOULD have been done.