"Yesterday's" Comic> Godzilla #11 (Dark Horse)
Godzilla #11 Dark Horse (May, 1996) WRITER: Alex Cox PENCILER: Brandon McKinney INKER: Andrew Pepoy COLORIST: Perry McNamee COVER ART: Bob Eggleton LETTERER: Clem Robins DESIGNER: Mark Cox EDITOR: Randy Stradley After sicking Godzilla on the Titanic, Mason is drawn to the far future, a society of peace (through genetics) who love hunting. They'll give Mason all the weapons they can no longer use in exchange for him bringing them animals to hunt...and Godzilla as their show's mascot. Také and Keno arrive on the Titanic and try to repel Godzilla, but their device doesn't work. Mason takes him away again and the boys head home for the next location, with two women from the sinking ship in tow. The next stop is the place they were late getting to, San Francisco. This time Burton and Marina use a larger, mobile upgrade of the weapon and succeed in getting Godzilla out of the city before he causes even more damage. Mason takes him away again, and this time even Dixon doesn't know where they are headed. What they got right: Hopefully the addition of the future people will end the time travel nonsense. The art is pretty good and G-Force show how resourceful they are dealing with Godzilla. What they got wrong: Dixon gives a speech about how, if Mason succeeded in changing history, nobody would remember the old timeline....and a few pages later they note that more lives were rescued than before thanks to Godzilla warming up the local ice. While this was meant to follow Marvel's trend of deciding what Godzilla knowingly does, it screws up their own logic. At least Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah didn't claim nobody would remember the changes before having people remember the changes. Recommendation: The more I read this arc the less I like it. Just bypass until at least #13. I think that's when the time travel story ended.