"Yesterday's" Comic> Hagar The Horrible
Hägar The Horrible ACG (1995) I haven't been able to find out anything about this comic that wasn't in the introduction by editor Rob Brown. While going through some old Charlton comics files for reprinting, they came across this comic, at least one of the stories said to be Dick Brown's favorites. (He possible meant Richard "Dik" Brown, creator of the comic, who passed away in 1989.) The artist was Frank Roberge. There's also a back-up story from the forties that has no credits at all and isn't connected to the comic strip. The first story, "A Change Of Luck", focuses on the origin of Lucky Eddie's nickname. He used to be the luckiest guy in the world. Then he and a wizard named Rotten Ralph had a race to win a beautiful woman. Ralph won thanks to an unlucky trip by Eddie...which turned out to be good luck as she turned into a shrew the moment the wedding was over. So he cursed Eddie with bad luck. Hägar takes him to Doctor Zook, and he cures Eddie...but the back luck jumps into Hägar. A funny little story. "Too Pooped To Plunder" is a prose story where Hagar (if I keep hunting the ä character all review this will take forever to write) is in a tavern before being hit with a sudden surge of anger. He decides to go looting, but he ends up fighting the bartender over his tab, his wife about going, and his neighbor about leaving their trash on his lawn. Then he doesn't want to fight anymore for some reason and calls off the campaign. Not a bad story, but at one page there isn't much to say. "Home Is The Hero" is the second comic but the last Hagar story. After a major defeat Hagar and his men are ready to give up the war business. Then they spend time home with their wives and chores and everything else, so when a chance to go to war comes up they take it. Basically, if you like the comic strip you might like this tale as it's an extended version of a typical Hagar The Horrible strip. If you don't like the strip then you won't like this story. "The Impulsive Imps" is another story they found somewhere in Charlton's records that have nothing to do with Hagar, and comes courtesy of the 1940s. I don't know if any work was done to it but the change in art styles is obvious. Two fairy imps overhear a boy losing his tooth and his mother saying the fairy imps (what happened to the tooth fairy, shouldn't it be his or her job, hence the title?) will collect the tooth and leave money. The parents leave a nickel for the kid but the unaware imps are worried they'll get blamed for being stingy. So begins a short quest to get $2, since the tooth can be exchanged for new fairy gear. In the morning the dad throws the tooth out the window where the imps collect it and get their reward...and a nickel change. It's a cute story. Overall your enjoyment of the comic (either the original or this reprint) will be based on whether or not you like the comic. I think they're fun stories that I may want to read again at some point, but that's what my digital archive is for (as well as comics I'm getting rid of but might want to reference someday). I'm currently on the shelf if I want to get rid of it or not.