"Yesterday's" Comic> Harlem Beat
Before we get into this review I need to explain what's going on. Mixxzine was an anthology of numerous manga. In addition to our review topic this afternoon, they translated Magic Knights Rayearth, Sailor Moon, and a horror series called Parasite, about aliens who take over people's body parts to wage war on each other or something like that. I didn't follow Harlem Beat past what we're seeing here, a collection of pages from the various magazine issues, because I'm not a sports fan. Mixx would collect all four series in trade form. I have some of those for Sailor Moon and all of them for Magic Knights Rayearth. So this is a review of the first story, but is not a review of any actual comic or trade released in the US. Harlem Beat various issues of Mixxzine WRITER/CREATOR:Yuriko Nishiyama TRANSLATION: Aya Ichikawa RETOUCH: Kiyami Fukuyama PUBLISHER: Stuart J. Levy EDITOR IN CHIEF: Ronald Scovil, Jr. Nate Torres quits every sport before he ever really tries. He's just not driven in anything, and now high school basketball seems to be his next failure. Or it would be if he didn't come across Mizzy, a former school basketball queen. She sees something in Nate and takes him to a street ball setup put together by the famed "Three Slam", the best street ball players in the area. Mizzy tries to set him up with their key-man, "Shoe", but other people flood the court looking to play him. Shoe tries to teach Nate while playing but his self-confidence starts getting the better of him again and he's ready to quit until Mizzy gives him a speech about him being a bench-warmer his whole life. Between this speech and remembering one of the school team's best players used to be as bad as he is not only drives him to keep trying but he actually makes a high jump and actually makes a shot on Shoe, one of three people to do so. I'm not into sports so I didn't go beyond this story. I did see the next few pages before Mixxzine ended. I think it involved him getting a swelled head about his victory but I don't know what came of it. The art is very good and for someone who is trying to learn to stick to a dream (Nate's being to be a sports star) it serves as a good pep talk. If you're into basketball, especially street ball this may be a manga series to check out, but even non-sports fans may get something out of it.