"Yesterday's" Comic> Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 (Marvel)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 Marvel (January, 1996) EDITOR: Marino Nicieza "Glutton For Punishment" WRITER: Fabian Nicieza PENCILER: Ron Lim INKER: Don Hudson COLORISTS: Mike Worley & Joe Caponsacco LETTERER: Michael Higgins "Revenge Of The Nerd" WRITER: Tom Daning PENCILER: Steve Ditko INKER: Tom Palmer COLORIST: Tom Smith LETTERER: Janice Chiang Look, I'm all for recycling and so are the Rangers, but Pudgy Pig? Really? Why would Zedd bring back one of Rita's earliest monsters? And he doesn't really do anything. Zedd sends him and some Tengas to attack a power plant that was shut down to test a new isotope for environmental effects. (Which you'd think would have been done before the plant was built) So Zedd makes Pudgy grow big when the Rangers show up, he starts taking in the radiation, and the Rangers force him to eat enough to implode solving both the Pudgy and power plant issues. It's a monster we've seen more than once (at least three times in the show that I remember) with a solution we've seen millions of times, including in Power Ranger stories. This was pathetic. This also left little room for the second story, which was a good idea but poorly, poorly developed. If I'm following, Squatt and Baboo disguise themselves as bullies tormenting a kid with a major acne problem. Although Tommy, Adam, and Billy try to help him, Myron's in full "I'll show you all someday" mode, and Rita says he'll give the teen powers--by putting him inside a giant, rolling, acid-spewing zit. Aisha uses her Bear Zord to...you know, I take back the good idea comment. She squeezes the zit monster and it pops the kid out. Somehow he learns his lesson, wins a science fair, and cute girls vie for his attention. (Seeing how Billy was the big ladies man on the team, Angel Grove girls like smart guys, I guess.) The giant Tenga fight (which didn't need Zords) would have been the most interesting...but it's all off panel. So this was pathetic, too. And that's my review of this whole issue: pathetic. Avoid it if you see it.