"Yesterday's" Comic> The Transformers #79
The Transformers #79 Marvel (June, 1991) "The Last Autobot" WRITER: Simon Furman PENCILER: Andrew Wildman INKER: Stephen Baskerville COLORIST: Nel Yomtov LETTERER: Rick Parker EDITOR: Rob Tokar Drawn to the site of the Ark's crashing, Spike's connection to Fortress Maximus shows him Galvatron's escape. Binary bonding again, they fight for control before beating Galvatron down. And my goodness does Spike complain about it the whole time. I think Furman forgot there was a whole issue where Spike came to terms with the fact that he and Fortress Maximus was still connected. Maybe he can't handle comics with only one storyline per issue? It doesn't help that Max seems plenty willing to fight, with the reason given that he was out of the action for so long. Remember, Maximus lead a large group of Autobots in abandoning Cybertron to avoid the war. He should only be trying to hunt Galvatron because of the threat he poses to the local humans. I'm also surprised that Furman let one of his pet characters get beaten down (and presumably killed) so easily. In the UK stories his fights with Ultra Magnus (who never appears in the US stories) usually end with the Autobot barely escaping with his life, and he's supposed to be super strong and stuff. This version of Maximus isn't a city-sized Transformer, you know. Meanwhile, Dynamo finally proves he's actually useful. His attempts to connect with Cybertron like he does Earth (the source of his powers) leads Hi-Q Prime and the other Neo-Knights to the famed Last Autobot, a character so important he was never mentioned until last issue. And US readers thought Primus came out of nowhere (and Unicron but that wasn't Furman's doing initially). I give credit to whomever thought to give the Last Autobot the face of the Autobot symbol, though. In the final storyline, the Decepticons found Grimlock's tracking device and know they're coming. As Grimlock asks how much damage they could do, turns out quite a lot when the target are bigger pacifists than the Nebulans. Bludgeon is just happy there's a real challenge coming. Oh, and Prowl is an emotional wreck right now, because Furman hates him with a passion. One more issue and we get a break from Furman before diving into Generation Two. It will be a welcome relief.