"Yesterday's" Comic> Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #6 (Marvel)
Hello. I wanted to resume BW operations where I left off before my mother passed away (which is why there haven't been any postings for two weeks), and that's with the Power Ranger comic review. There won't be a Morning Article Link and I'm not taking part in the Friday Night Fights this week if it's going on. All that returns next week in the usual positions. But I need to get back to work and if it's not a paying job (which I still desperately need) it will be the Spotlight. Lucky for me I return on a decent comic. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #6 (Marvel) Either I'm still not in a jokey mood or this cover is giving me nothing to work with. Or both. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #6 Marvel (either March or April 1996, the cover and publisher notes can't agree) PENCILER:Ron Lim COLORIST: Mike Worley LETTERER: Ul Higgins EDITOR: Mariano Nicieza EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Carl Potts "Elemetary" WRITER: Fabian Nicieza INKERS: Jim Sanders, III & Sam DeLarosa "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" WRITER: Barry Dutter INKERS: Wayne Murry, Loretta Krol, & Pond Scum The first story makes good use of the space that Marvel for some reason limited the writers to. Zedd creates monsters based on the four elements, but thanks to a convenient science class the Rangers use them against each other. Short, but sweet. Our second tale has Rocklor kidnapping a group of kids. Apparently Zedd's plan is have the monster kidnap the children and then fight the Rangers. Not sure what the connection is with those two plans. Anyway, a girl gets away from the cave she and her friends were going to explore and convenience (one of the Rangers' superpowers in these comics) brings her to the Rangers, who morph and defeat the monster. The dialog (which at one point switches Adam and Aiesha's morphing calls) indicates the Rangers finally use their sword but the art shows something more like the super punch the Ninja MegaZord used in the show. (The Shogun MegaZord used a sword.) For some reason, Marvel is less willing to use weapons (like the Rangers' individual weapons) than Hamilton was. Also, the little girl is somehow not afraid of the dark anymore which doesn't make sense in context. It's good for the fight scene, anyway. There is also a preview for Marvel's Masked Rider one-shot, which I'm planning to review for a Scanning My Collection article when I get to that part of my collection. This is one of few Marvel Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics I'm keeping and it's nice to return on a decent comic. It's not a must-own, however, as it suffers from a lot of the Marvel run flaws but still managed to be a fairly decent story. (And yes, I know about the current Rangers legal drama and I'm not going to discuss it. It's not something I've been following and it has nothing to do with the site's interests outside of "he was on two different Power Ranger shows".)