"Yesterday's" Comic> The Transformers #80
It's over! It's finally over...finished! The Transformers #80 FINAL ISSUE Marvel (July, 1990) "End Of The Road!" WRITER: Simon Furman PENCILER: Andrew Wildman INKER: Stephen Baskerville COLORIST: Nel Yomtov LETTERER: Rick Parker EDITOR: Tom DeFalco On Klo, Grimlock's lust for battle drops the Autobots into the most obvious ambush possible. The Decepticons start killing Autobots like cutting fresh bread. Then Optimus Prime arrives with the Neo-Knights, Prime given his new body over Hi-Q's. (Furman's way of finishing off the Powermasters I guess.) Their transport is the Last Autobot, which Optimus says is the real version of the corrupted "Ultimate Warrior" (no connection to the wrestler) that Bludgeon how follows as his religion we never heard of before. I see that trend continues. So does "it's over...finished". Some version of it pops up at least three times in this comic. The Last Autobot restores all of the Autobots who proceed to take out the Decepticons until Bludgeon orders a retreat, claiming that they will go into exile, but are actually planning to return and attack again some day. (The events of Generation Two and ReGeneration One will disagree as to what that is. Frankly I don't care for either version.) Optimus says the Autobots will rebuild Klo, take the Neo-Knights back to Earth, and then return to Cybertron, the rebirth process complete under the Last Autobot's control. Even good comics have been forced to rush an ending when a series was canceled. And The Transformers under Furman wasn't a good comic. Still, I will be nice to him on this count but I'm still forced to say that the end was rushed. The obvious trap and Hi-Q becoming Optimus Prime completely both happen in explanations rather than showing us. It felt like there was at least one more comic here. I don't know how much to blame on Hasbro, but the cartoon had a better ending. The only thing I liked was the cover. The Transformers had been intended as a four-issue miniseries and I like the "#80 in a four issue limited series" line on the cover, a nice nod to the original presentation of issues #1-4. That's pretty much it. The Last Autobot is a huge deus ex machina (no pun intended on "huge" or "machina") and it doesn't have the intended result I think it was going for. If someone were to ask me about recommending this comic series I would have to tell them to go from #1 to #54 (#55 was a terrible way for Bob Budiansky to go out on) as well as the Headmasters miniseries and the G.I. Joe crossover. Anything else from the US run just never worked for me no matter how hard I tried. I'll be getting a break from Furman (not counting the time of mourning) for awhile. When Hasbro launched it's Generation Two line of repaints (followed way too late by new figures with more modern--at the time--designs) Marvel resumed the license but started the story not in a new Transformers comic but in the pages of Larry Hama's G.I. Joe, which is where we pick up next week.