"Yesterday's" Comic> Iron Man #208
Iron Man #208 Marvel (July, 1986) "Firefang!" WRITER: Denny O'Neil PENCILER: Mark Bright INKERS: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey COLORIST: Bob Sharen LETTERER: Rick Parker EDITOR: Mark Gruenwald Last issue (which I don't own as of this writing) Tony was tricked by AIM into launching a satellite that was actually a floating cannon pointed at the island nation of Boca Caliente. Feeling guilty, Tony goes there and finds AIM has taken over. The State Department hasn't "decided how we feel about them" yet and forbids Iron Man from going there again despite learning what they're doing. (Because in any universe the State Department are basically idiots.) However, Bethany (after telling her junkie husband she's filing for divorce) learns that the deposed president of Boca Caliente plans to launch some remaining nukes (the source of the State Department's issues) at the US, hoping they'll retaliate and blow the island and AIM up. Because there are still innocents on the island and he doesn't want to see part of the US glowing in the dark, Iron Man gets to them first and destroys them. Later, Tony laments the fact that AIM still has control of the island but still hopes his new space station is the beginning of better things. At least Clymenestra is back on the team. What they got right: In the Marvel Universe the heroes can't win them all, but Tony still gets a good victory. The supporting cast builds with Cly's return and possibly Bethany's return since she's still in this story. What they got wrong: What was the point of killing Bethany's informant? Maybe he didn't know where the deposed leader was? Instead he's killed because he owes somebody money at a bad time to do so. He might have been a useful character in future stories; I admit to knowing nothing about this Ludwig guy. I also don't get the title. The definition for "firefang" I found was " to become overheated, excessively dry, and damaged as a result of slow oxidative decomposition of organic matter —used especially of manure or grain", and the Zemanta service brings up stuff about a plane. Recommendation: A good story that's worth picking up. Now I just need to find the previous issue because I want to see how AIM pulled that off.