"Yesterday's" Comic> GI Joe #139
GI Joe #139 Marvel (August, 1993) "Realignments" WRITER: Larry Hama PENCILER: Chris Batista INKERS: Stephen Baskerville, Chi Williams, Don Hudson, & Chip Wallace COLORISTS: Bob Sharen & Renee Witterstaeter LETTERER: Rick Parker EDITOR: David Wohl At the end of the previous issue Megatron showed up at the Silent Castle, the shapeshifting former home of Destro that Cobra took control of. During this time Destro, the Baroness, Zartan, and Storm Shadow has joined the Joes. Dr. Mindbender was also killed but Cobra Commander is having him resurrected using Mindbender's own notes. Also, Scarlet is acting as a double agent, pretending to join Cobra's ninja team to rescue Doctor Biggles-Jones, whom Cobra Commander is forcing to build her new rail gun for. Now that we're all caught up, on to the story. Cobra Commander tries to make Megatron a deal. He refuses...and by that I mean starts blowing things up, until Biggles-Jones uses her rail gun on him. Now Megatron wants something Cobra has. In exchange for a new body and the rail gun he will give Cobra Cybertronian tech from the wreckage of the Ark. Now in his new tank mode (more on that in the "other notes"), Megatron informs Cobra Commander that Mindbender's new clone body is awake. What they got right: I'm glad this comic was the first place to show Megatron in his Generation Two form because it looks darn cool in comic form...with a good art team. (Wait until we get to Generation Two.) For anyone just stopping in for the second Transformers/GI Joe crossover tale, it gets us all up to speed as to what's going on, at least enough to follow along with the story. What they got wrong: Well, they are missing why Destro, the Baroness, Zartan, and Storm Shadow are with the good guys now or who Dr. Biggles-Jones is (which I only know that's to research and cartoonist David Willis drooling over her...what, he's not going to see this) but that will come in time. And Megatron is shown turning into a giant gun at some point which he never did in the comics. His gun mode was regular gun sized just as Soundwave and his cassettes did when they assumed Earth modes. Other notes: The original Megatron toy, from Japan's Microman line, was a Walther P-38. I'm not sure if it was intended to be a toy gun in Microman lore (obviously it was in real life). Between the time Hasbro stopped making a transforming Megatron for G1 (he would return as an Action Master) and his return in the Generation Two line, people developed a problem with toy guns due to being too accurate-looking, leading to a lot of trouble. So Megatron was redesigned as a transforming tank, as I recall the only original design for the start of the line. (The rest being recolors of arguable quality of original toys.) Personally, I think a tank works better for the leader of the Decepticons than a hand gun, but at the time Hasbro's choices were limited. Recommendation: Want to see what G2 Megatron would look like as a comic design that didn't make you question your eyes? This is a good comic to try out. It's certainly better than the actual Transformers comic to come.