"Yesterday's" Comic> GI Joe #142
GI Joe: A Real American Hero #142 Marvel (November, 1993) "Final Transformations" WRITER: Larry Hama PENCILER: Jesse Orozco & William Rosado INKERS: Chip Wallace; Tim Tuohy COLORISTS: Andre Ani; Chi LETTERERS: Arienne; Steve Alexandrov; Rick Parker EDITOR: Mike Lackey Since I'm missing all of these issues I went to a Transformers wiki to get myself caught up on what's happened during the missing issues. Megatron brings the Ark to Millville, a town under Cobra mind control, to unload the Ark technology, as per their arrangement. Meanwhile, Dr. Mindbender's cloning capsule breaks and he's willing to see what Cobra Commander is up to. Considering Mindbender's last encounter with the Decepticons (granted, under Shockwave's command as Megatron was presumed dead and I hope Hama was aware of this), I'm surprised he would go along with this. Also, Cobra Commander apparently killed him. Anyway, the Joes find out and using some leftover technology call the Autobots, as Bumblebee and Optimus respond.Then Megatron reveals that in addition to his new body he wants Dr. Biggles-Jones, the creator of the rail gun that first convinced him to deal with Cobra Commander. He's only going to freeze her mind and nervous system since he has a device on the ship that will strip everything else. I'm not sure why the Autobots would have that or where Megatron was able to get one. The Joes begin the invasion but are forced to pull out. Megatron grabs the doctor and Scarlett, though injured, grabs a sword and demands Megatron put her down. This leads us into the current issue up for review. A team of Autobots arrives just time to save Scarlett from being stepped on by Megatron. The Autobots are no match for Megatron's new body and abilities so they escape for their spaceship. Chase stays behind to cover their escape, but Megatron kills him and learns where the ship is docked. While this is going on the Joes escape with Scarlett and Dr. Biggles-Jones, but Megatron is determined to take her, and the good doctor gives herself up to save the others. Megatron destroys the Autobot ship, with only Hot Spot surviving the encounter, except for a pair of Autobots Storm Shadow and Spirit sneak into the Ark, with Spike sneaking in with them. Megatron takes the Ark and leaves, which ticks off Cobra Commander. The former Decepticon leader has also decided that Biggles-Jones may serve him better in one piece. What they got right: The art is better here than in what's coming next week. The action is good and it properly leads in to the Transformers: Generation Two comic book we'll be starting next week (although these events won't matter until the second issue). What they got wrong: Mostly minor fan nitpicks. Steeljaw's name is spelled with two words. Hot Spot gets called "Hotshot" in one balloon. And why does Spike talk like a robot (he says his sensors picked up the Transformers) in one scene but like a human otherwise? Is Hama trying to do his own take on the Headmaster process? Recommendation: I'm missing two issues, which makes it harder to decide on the whole story arc, but this was a decent end to it. I don't know what Biggles-Jones meant to this series but she'll be hanging around the Transformers for a while. Next week we start Generation Two. Well, sooner we get it over with the better I guess.