"Yesterday's" Comic> The Disney Afternoon #8
The Disney Afternoon #8 Marvel (June, 1995) ARTIST: Joe Messerl LETTERER: Dave Sharpe COLORIST: Ed Lazellari EDITOR: Sarra Mosoff Darkwing Duck: "Beating Beets" WRITER: Steve Sullivan CO-ARTIST: Natalio Zirulnik Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers: "Cheese Miner's Daughter" WRITER: Jerry Novick PENCILER: Cosme Quartieri I really hate gimmick credits that I have to translate to find out who did what. It's worse when they mess with the name and I have to hunt down the credits (this time on Comic Vine) because the NAMES are gimmicked up with stupid cheese puns! More on those later. This is an anthology title and I wouldn't be surprised if you told me they were reprinted from the Disney digest magazines. They're very short. For example, Darkwing and Grizzlikof go hunting Bushroot in a food processing plant. I don't know what Bushroot's plan was (or if the "plant" thing was a pun considering Bushroot is an evil plant guy) but he puts the heroes through a series of traps with what he has available, and a giant beet gun. It's decent but it's only because it's Darkwing Duck that I even care. The Rescue Ranger story isn't much better. When Monterey Jack learns one of his former love interests has been kidnapped by a cheese baron looking to get his hands on her father's cheese mine, he abandons the current mission to keep a skinny sewer rat from poisoning the water rats food so he won't be the only skinny one anymore to rescue her. Instead, he gets caught by the baron and the Rangers, after they complete their mission, has to rescue them both. And every character in this stereotyped Italian village is named after some kind of cheese (and annoyingly so were the credits for this story) which just gets silly after a while. It isn't bad, but it might have done better if it were a bit longer, and Jack comes off as self-interested when he wants to abandon others who need their help for a friend. There was a better story that wasn't allowed to be told. Overall, I can't recommend people run out and track this down. If it wasn't for the Darkwing Duck story (because I really like the show) I probably would be adding this one to the purge pile because it's not all that interesting. It isn't bad, just not worth tracking down.