"Yesterday's" Comic> Iron Man #213
Iron Man #213 Marvel (December, 1986) "Fortune's Child" WRITER: Danny Fingeroth PENCILER: Javier Saltares INKER: Kyle Baker COLORIST: Ken Feduniewicz LETTERER: Rick Parker MANAGING EDITOR: Michael Higgins EDITOR: Mark Gruenwald The Dominic Fortune on the cover isn't the same guy we've met before (and that was probably shown in an earlier issue I don't have) but his son, Jerry Fortunov. Believing his father dead at the blasters of Iron Monger, Jerry is trying to track down the man who ordered the hit, Dom's old foe Simon Steele. However, David Fortunov is very much alive and surprised to see his old flame Sabbath Raven still young and hanging out with Steele. Cly tries to get Iron Man to talk Jerry out of his hunt for his own good but he refuses to listen and makes his way to Steele's base as "Sabbath" (it turns out to be her niece) finishes work on a machine that can short out other machines, including Iron Man's armor when he comes to rescue the Fortunovs and Cly from Steele. Cly is able to turn the machine off but Steele and not-Sabbath make their escape, but not before Jerry takes a bullet meant for Dom. Dom is more determined than ever to bring Steele to justice and learn what really happened to Sabbath, while Cly is determined to stay with Tony and Jim this time. What they got right: Having enjoyed the one Dominic Fortune tale I own I like the idea of a next generation taking over. It wasn't much of a mystery story since we learn that "Sabbath" is a fake at the end due to looking through a computer instead of actual detective work, but it was a decent fake-out. What they got wrong: Iron Man barely does anything. It's like Fingeroth wanted to write a present-day Dominic Fortune story and could only pull it off in an Iron Man comic. It's also too bad Jerry died, with a wife and kids to mourn him. Like I said, I like the idea of a next generation Dominic Fortune. (This may not be Fingeroth's fault, but why does Dominic Fortune have to have a different name?) Recommendation: It's a good enough story, even if Iron Man is cameoing in his own comic. Still worth a look.