"Yesterday's" Comic> DC/Marvel: All Access #4
DC/Marvel: All Access #4 FINAL ISSUE DC Comics (February, 1997) "Savior" WRITER: Ron Marz PENCILER: Jackson Guice INKER: Joe Rubinstein COLORIST: Lee Loughridge SEPARATIONS: Digital Chameleon LETTERER: Bill Oakley ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Chris Duffy EDITOR: Mike Carlin As expected, tensions run too high for reason as the X-Men and JLA fight. (I mostly blame Bishop but Batman wasn't exactly open to listening last issue.) Only Wonder Woman and Storm are willing to rise above their differences, while Access may have lost Ming trying to protect her when the fight spills out into the street. However, it turns out Access was right and Doctor Strangefate takes over Strange's body to being reforming the Amalgam universe, starting with merging Storm and Wonder Woman back into Amazon. Access journeys to the astral plain to rescue Strange, who regains control of his body, but is able to bring the Amalgam universe into it's own reality, remaining within Access (so what happens if he dies?). Access brings the DC heroes home and, deciding he has lost all chance with Ming, starts courting Fitz. What they got right: You want a big hero team fight, you've got it. But what I really like is that the Amalgam universe now gets to be its own reality, leading to the Amalgam comics we'll be reviewing over the next few weeks before the final installment of the Access trilogy. I also like the makeshift Amalgam designs for the others since Amazon was the only one whose components were available. What they got wrong: I want to pretend Strangefate was behind the hotheadedness of the X-Men and Justice League (or maybe Bishop is that big a jerk at this point) because they seemed a bit too willing to fight each other. Also, I didn't read the Amazon comic, but would she really sacrifice two universes to reform hers, even though it wasn't supposed to exist? Strange did them a favor, really. Also, Doctor Fate got a mention, but it would have been neat to see Access grab him for help with rescuing Strange and the two of them could have fought Strangefate. Or what if Xavier showed up, since in the Amalgam universe, Xavier IS Strangefate! I wonder how that would have gone? Recommendation: While a bit light in story this was a good miniseries if only to make the Amalgam universe a proper part of the multiverse. Pick it up if you can. Next week, more Amalgams.