"Yesterday's" Comic> Macross II: The Micron Conspiracy #3
Macross II: The Micron Conspiracy #3 Viz Comics (1995) "Framed" WRITER: James D. Hudnall ARTIST: Schulhoff Tam COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics LETTERER: Wayne Truman ASSISTANT EDITOR: Toshifumi Yoshida EDITOR: Annette Roman Hibiki is rescued by a micronized Zentraedi named Zara, who is part of the UNR but is changing her mind after learning that their true goal is to act as a scapegoat to help push a coup within the government. She's the one who contacted Hibiki and now the UNR is planning to frame him as they did Silvie. With no evidence she sneaks Hibiki into UNR headquarters to record a meeting...but they're both found out! What they got right: Silvie's fight with a UNR plant in her jail cell would make a great Friday Night Fight if the good guy won. (Might work for any of my fellow Friday Night Fighters if you come across this issue.) As villain plots go, this somehow works although I'm hoping there is more to this than a power grab, like an ultimate goal or something. Maybe we'll find out tomorrow. Also, they got Mush, Hibiki's transgender friend with access to interesting stuff, from whom he gets a hologram disguising watch. It's nice to see Hudnall get all the important and available characters from Macross II into this story. Also, having a female ally should counter any argument that the "girl" is in trouble and the "man" has to save her since the "man" had to be saved BY a "girl". What they got wrong: Is Hibiki on a platform of some kind above the meeting table? How is he and two UNR security guys standing on that thing? I'm not sure I understand the design of the meeting room. Recommendation: I'm still into this story. We have two more issues to go but thus far I'm going to continue the recommendation to pick this up. I hope that remains true by this time Friday.