"Yesterday's" Comic> Transformers: Generation Two #3
Transformers: Generation Two #3 Marvel (January, 1994) WRITER: Simon Furman COLORIST: Sarra Mosoff LETTERERS: Richard Starkings & Gaushell EDITOR: Rob Tokar "Primal Fear" PENCILER: Manny Galan INKERS: Jim Amash & Marie Severin "Old Evils" ARTIST: Derek Yangier While two stories, Furman has blended his plotlines so often that I don't see the point. The Autobots and Neo-Decepticons are fighting with an uncontrollable rage that Hound escapes by being hit in the head, because that makes sense. He sends a warning that when the two groups came to this planet they just started fighting...except they do that anyway so the only difference is how vicious they are, the Neos not being as fuel-lusting as Megatron or Bludgeon. Optimus is able to get himself under control and helps Jhiaxus regain his, then they notice the ink-like creature feeding of their rage. Naturally Jhiaxus has the planet destroyed for cyberforming afterwards. The Transformers Wiki compared this story to another Furman tale, "Distant Thunder" from his UK run but not having read it I would point to a Star Trek episode, "Day Of The Dove", which did the story much better with the Enterprise crew and a bunch of Klingons. (Which oddly I just saw a review of by SF Debris recently.) The second story is really short and just shows what Bludgeon's group of Decepticons are up to. Like the Autobots there is no reason given for Bludgeon to be using the G2 symbol despite not being part of Jhiaxus' crew. They've built their own planet-sized battlestation which looks less like the Death Star or Unicron and more like a collection of spare parts, which is what it is as we see them bring in yet another ship. However, Bludgeon has designed some new troops, but to bring them to life he need the Creaton Ma...no, sorry, the Creation Force, which Optimus supposedly has...despite the fact that Optimus was destroyed with the Creation Matrix but was downloaded into Hi-Q's mind and given a brand new body by the Last Autobot so he shouldn't have jack about now. Did Furman remember his own finale? Bludgeon wants to draw Optimus out, and if going to Cybertron won't work he'll try Op's other protectorate, Earth! There really isn't much here. I like the idea of what will become known as Warworld (I'm wondering if Mongul sued Bludgeon over that?) but otherwise it's just setting up Bludgeon's return. Overall, I've easily read worse just from this series, but the first story was told better elsewhere and the second just sets up the return of the classic Decepticons (you know, the ones that some of whom had redone toys of?) could make a proper return. I still can't recommend this series, but if this had been the worse Generation Two had gotten I probably could have tolerated the series more.