"Yesterday's" Comic> Mega Man #2 (Dreamwave)
Mega Man #2 Dreamwave (October, 2003) WRITER: Brian Augustyn ARTIST: Mic Fong BACKGROUNDS: Pak Lok & Ching COLORIST: Stuart Ng & Susan Luo COVER ART: Mic Fong & Stuart Ng LETTERER: Paul Villafuerte EDITOR IN CHIEF: Roger Lee The Boltz Brothers set a trap for Rocky, who gets the drop on him until they're stopped by their Uncle Wily. Then Mega Man saves an airport that (unknown to our hero) was attacked by new Robot Master Heat Man. When our hero returns home (during which he learns there's at least one more robot with an ID chip) he is attacked by Multi-Man, a nesting doll-style Robot Master who kidnaps Mega Man. What they got right: What do you know, an actual Robot Master from the game finally appeared. And yes, Uncle Wily is the same Wily you're thinking of. Also, I'm thinking the Boltz Brothers are more than they appear considering how strong they are, not only for fighting Rocky but tearing off part of some metal thing in the sports area. What they got wrong: Outside of the continued adaptation errors, nothing really. Recommendation: If you can get past the adaptation issues it's still a fairly decent story that's at least worth a look.