"Yesterday's" Comic> Fury Of Firestorm Annual #1
Fury Of Firestorm Annual #1 DC Comics (1983) "All The Answers..." WRITER/EDITOR: Gerry Conway ARTISTS: Rodin Rogriguez & Rafael Kahanan COLORIST: Carl Gafford LETTERER: Adam Kubert Firestorm is able to use a controlled nuclear explosion to break free from Tokamak's rings and restore himself to normal size. Unfortunately, Tokamak took Lorraine back to his base and plans to kill her and her father over Washington, DC to prove his power, having completely lost his mind. Unaware, Ronnie and Martin go to get his things from Harry but finds Clarissa making a pass at him. She sees Martin and secretly contacts Tokamak because she's working for Hewitt as well. Firestorm is able to defeat the new Enforcer when she's sent to grab Martin and, learning of Tokamak's plan, races to DC to save the Reillys. During the fight Lorraine breaks her conditioning and remembers she is Firehawk, saving her father and helping Firestorm take out Tokamak while Multiplex gets as far away as he can. While all of this was going on, Doreen and her dad were looking into Ed's connection to "Shoe Shine" a mobster Ed Rockwell had information on and was put into witness relocation after his wife was killed, becoming Ed Raymond to protect baby Ronald. (Principal Hapgood used to be a federal agent and Ed's friend before becoming a teacher.) However, the mobster was killed in a shootout with cops and it turns out it was one of Shine's men who was killed when the bomb went off prematurely, meaning Ed is alive and reunited with his son. What they got right: I had a feeling witness relocation was involved with this, which is something you don't see a lot of in a hero's origin. It's also nice to see Doreen helping Ronnie like this and her dad even helping. The Tokamak storyline ends really well and there were some good battles. Firehawk is a nice addition, although I wonder where the love triangle is going to end up. Sadly, I'm currently missing those issues. What they got wrong: The mystery surrounding Ronnie's dad wrapped up a bit too quickly for me and Ronnie wasn't involved. I would have liked to have seen Firestorm learning Ed was alive and then trying to find him both as Firestorm and Ronnie and Martin individually. And having Clarissa working for Hewitt makes no sense and probably won't lead to anything. Just another character we didn't need. Recommendation: A good end to the Tokamak storyline even if there was more to the Ed Raymond/Rockwell story they could have done something with. Still worth picking up.