"Yesterday's" Comic> Godzilla #19 (Marvel)
Godzilla #19 Marvel (February, 1979) "With Dugan On The Docks!" WRITER: Doug Moench PENCILER: Herb Trimpe INKER: Dan Green COLORIST: Ben Sean LETTERER: Shelly Lefferman EDITOR: Jo Duffy Rob tries to guide Godzilla back to the Behemoth but they come across muggers and drunks. The other give up trying to find Godzilla tonight until they come right to the Helicarrier. Misunderstandings by both Godzilla and Dum Dum lead into what has to be my Friday Night Fight entry for this week and Godzilla escapes again, as the shrinking gas continues to wear off. What they got right: It's a boy-sized Godzilla loose in New York. It's just as fun as you think it is and if you don't think it's fun that's sad. What they got wrong: Just as I started liking Rob he went back into "I'm the only one who truly understands you, Godzilla" mode. He's coming off as less of a fanboy and more as a stalker. Recommendation: If you think watching Dum Dum (Original Sin can kiss my backside and so can the writer) fight Godzilla is amazing then hit those back issue bins on your next comic store visit!