"Yesterday's" Comic> Godzilla #22 (Marvel)
Godzilla #22 Marvel (May, 1979) "The Devil And The Dinosaur" WRITER: Doug Moench PENCILER: Herb Trimpe INKER: Jack Abel COLORIST: Mario Sen (next issue I get to see these colors again--YAY!) LETTERER: Clem Robins EDITOR: Allen Milgrom In the past, Devil Dinosaur and the still slightly smaller Godzilla are being overrun by numbers. However, Moon-Boy has a plan involving pits that are possibly portals to other worlds or times or something like that. I haven't read Devil Dinosaur, sad to say. The invaders fall into the pits, which Moon-Boy and the old lady protecting them hid with leaves but Godzilla and Devil jumped over. But one of them claims Godzilla just as the last of the shrinking gas wears off and Doom's time machine goes nuts, forcing Reed to pop it into an evacuated Times Square! Godzilla is back in New York! What they got right: Godzilla versus other monsters. That's what we paid to see! Godzilla and Devil Dinosaur make a good team. What they got wrong: I'm sorry, but Rob's argument that fate insisted he be here and not in the past isn't as convincing as the doctors say it is. The kids' just a superfanboy and the only fate demanding Godzilla be in the present is the writer, and maybe Toho. Recommendation: I think this is one I really want to get the color version for (I only just found out Moon-Boy is blue) because even in black & white it was a darn good fight and this was designed with color in mind. One of the must-haves of Marvel's run.