A quote
A quote pulled from the book, "The View from the Studio Door" by Ted Orland. The books Ted has written have really given me a new perspective of how I go about my artmaking, so I wanted to share this with everyone. But it isn't about leading a "perfect" life, because that is near impossible with the world of uncertainty that we live in. Ted goes on to explain that is our goal to put ourselves in the path of interesting experiences, because that is what Life is about.

The key to making artwork that resonate with others, is to make interesting art, conversation pieces. To make interesting art, you must lead an interesting life. Your life and your experiences flow into your artwork and alot of artists, especially the newer ones, are blindsided by the desire to be accepted by everyone and rejected by no one in terms of their art. Being rejected hurts, but it is the process of life and growing as a person as well as an artist.

Hope that gave you some food for thought. I highly recommend his book, as well as "Art & Fear" in which Ted co-authored, to everyone because it is a fundamental perspective not just for creative individuals.