Qwirk Tarot: The Lovers
Patrons & Bookfacers will recognize this couple from the Thank you & #LoveWins images, but they were too perfect (and too precious) not to use for The Lovers.

 I wasn't sure about the story around them, though -- until I thought about the Hierophant/Cleric card.   Traditionally, the Hierophant doesn't appear alone on most cards, but is shown blessing a couple, as if in marriage.    So here, the Lovers card goes *with* the Hierophant.  Placed side by side, it's the clergy, blessing the union of the lovers.  Both stand on the World Tree, connecting the ages and generations.   

The heart above their heads signifies their love, then we have cupid's arrow, representing the whims of fate, and finally the wedding rings, symbol of bonded unity.  There is a  subtle hint of a rainbow behind them, making their coupling the  the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  When I do the final version, I'll make the backgrounds of both this and the Hierophant/Cleric cards match, and carry the subtle rainbow onto the Hierophant's card --  which ties in the complex spiritual mythology of the rainbow, from Divine promises to bridges to the Otherworlds.

Let me know what you think of making the two cards work together as a unit!

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