Qwirk Tarot: Alt. Happy Squirrel
When I typed the title of this post, I meant it to mean "an alternate version of the Happy Squirrel card. "  But now that I look at it written out? There's something both charming and intriguing  about an "Alt Happy Squirrel". 


And yes, I hear you...  You're wondering WHY there is an alternate version of a fictional Tarot card.   I mean, how many Happy Squirrels does the universe need?

 OBVIOUSLY it needs exactly two.  

This was my original concept for the card, at least, sort of.  The idea was to build on the image for The World (a giant egg in a nest)  and have a giant, rabid squirrel mistake the world for an acorn,  spiriting it away before anyone can reap their just rewards.   But the squirrel seemed altogether too chipper and not in the least bit scary, so I came up with the version I posted last week, a manic squirrel climbing out of the card, and into your face, all creepy-cute.

But I still like this one.

 It was originally in more muted colors, in an attempt  to make it look threatening,  but with the other squirrel carrying the creep factor,  I decided to punch the color up  into the lovely jewel tone you see here, and... well...

I think at least the Patreon version of the deck DOES need exactly two squirrel cards. 

What say you? Am I nuts?

Love & Qwirks

Tori Deaux 

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