Qwirk Tarot: The Death Card

A favorite of bad horror movies and serial killers everywhere, the death card is a clear portent of DOOMITY DOOM...  except, of course, when it's not.  To counter the fearful associations, many tarot interpretations bend over backwards to insist this card means change, not death, and that it's a happy shiny sign for the future.  

Well, the Qwirks aren't buying that one.  

They're pretty sure Death means Death, Fin, Game Over and the Fat Lady Singing. Oh, sure, it's not always a LIFE that's ending with this card, but it's a clear ending, with no chance of Zombie resurrections (we hope anyway! I mean, seriously, who wants a buncha zombie Qwirks running around?)

As dismal as the Qwirk's interpretation of this card may seem, it's also oddly touching, I think.   The figure of Death is imposing,sure, but I dunno, he also seems sad and -- dare I say -- grieving?  He's bringing flowers to the graveyard, an act of kindness, love and regret - a touching gesture from a supposedly inhuman, heartless and cold spirit.  It seems like a sweetening, and a promise that from death, new life will blossom, and that endings are not always The End.

Or something like that, anyway!

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