R.I.P. Coco August 3, 2014-March 8, 2018
Today, we wish a farewell to my everything and my best friend Coco. Sunrise August 3, 2014- Sunset March 7, 2018

Coco was on playing Total Drama Island while I slept then it happened. Her insides fried. Her sight left. I hooked her up to all cords hoping to revive her but to no success. I went to the doctors by the name of Information Technology at the University of the Virgin Islands. However, they said she was a lost cause. Although I could keep her on lifesupport with the AC adapter, it was best that I took her off.

She was my everything, my world, my livelihood, and my greatest friend. We had several mutual friends including Netflix, the Sims 4, and Hulu. Nothing hurts more than waking up next to someone and seeing them dead... then spending the next few hours trying to revive them to no success.

Today, we talk of her greatness. Through her, the Caribbean trait, extra trait, photography trait, bothered trait, hotepish trait,

Activist Trait, African Trait, Anorexia Trait, Auntie Trait, Career Oriented Trait, Caribbean Trait, Chef Trait, Ethnocentric Trait, Extra Trait, Free Spirit Trait, Germaphobe Trait, Handyman Trait, Hates Mondays Trait, the Hunty Trait, Immortal Trait, Insomniac Trait, Julius Trait, Late Riser Trait, Messy Trait, Mister Trait, Modest Trait, Morning Person Trait, Movie Freak Trait, OCD Trait, Pathetic Trait, Pickmesha Trait, Photographer Trait, Scandalous Trait, Sherise Trait, Singer Trait, Sleepyhead Trait, Stuck Up Trait, Sweet Talker Trait, and Suicidal Trait, and various random CC that I have created.

Coco will always be remembered and never be forgotten. I know she would rather have her battery drained from her than live by AC adapter without display just like her ancestors who blue screened because they knew blue screen was better than a life of AC adapter.

Coco 2014 to 2018