R.I.P Tara

So last night I had to make a decision that absolutely devastated me. I had to end of the life of Tara whom most of you know from videos and live streams. I didn't make this post for pitty but to let you all know that updates may be a bit slow the next few days because honestly...recording..is hard....focusing right now is very hard in fact this post has taken me an hour to finish...I just...miss her.

Thank you all for understanding I promise I will try to get something done for you guys and tomorrows stream will still happen. I'll give you more details later on with the link and everything.

Sorry I really don't know how to end this post.

*small update* Tara is home now. Her ashes are resting with my other pets that have passed away (Save the fish). Thank you all for your kind words sorry I haven't answered you each independently but I have been reading them. <3