R2 helios / helianthus WIP
I've recently completed the first colour proofs for my 3rd Patreon Print Club edition, R2 helios / helianthus. I'm off to my local laser cutting studio next, Bristol Design Forge , to experiment with the idea of piercing the sheet with a lattice of fine line work, to reveal a gold foil under layer. Hoping the 2 layers may in some way become greater then the sum of their parts! I'll then cut the whole into a toroid  and mount it to a bearer sheet, probably Somerset  mould made paper.

Upcoming. I'm pleased to have been offered a solo show at Bath Contemporary , slated for March 2017. I've also been invited to give an evening talk in the gallery on Thursday 16th March, so if you're in the area, it would be lovely to see you there!

More images of the laser cutting to follow shortly,

Hope you're well - best - Chuck