Raccoon Detective
Another new character who will appear in my next book. He is also lacking name currently. 
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Thank you for supporting my work. May Zhathar bless you with his amazing powers. As a Copper Patron, you get basic access to my posts and some art.
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In addition to previous rewards you will gain following benefits:
  • Bronze+ tier exclusive art that is voted by you, you get to suggest and vote for the next full-color artwork I'll do (obviously with certain limitations). 
  • At some point, I will do patreon exclusive short comics to better explore various side characters and their lives. 
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Thank you for your support! As a silver patron, you will receive access same all same benefits as bronze patrons. You will also get access to following things:
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  • At the end of each comic, your name will appear in credits of this comic
  • Your vote will have more weight when voting for my next art work. 
  • With your permission, I will use your name in my comic for some side character, heck even major character in some cases (if it is suitable for that particular character).
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Thank you very much for you support! In addition to Silver patron rewards, I will promise to draw you one picture every month, with subject matter of your choosing (to certain limits of course). Picture will be black and white, although I will do shading and various other effects to picture. 
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Thank you so much for your generosity! For this tier I will provide you all the previous bonuses and in addition to drawing you black and white picture every month, I will draw you fully colored picture (although limited coloring on background and limited characters, 'cos it would take too much time for me to do) once every month!
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