Race Overview: Elves
To humans, Elves have an otherworldly beauty and grace. A human rarely sees the signs of aging's effects upon Elves due to their own shorter lifespans. The other races often underestimate the Elven race as they do not gain much muscle mass but are equally as strong as bulky human soldiers, while retaining their agility. Male Elves stand between six and six and a half feet in height while females are only a few inches shorter, on average, with a lighter build. The most notable feature of Elves is their ears which rise up and form a pointed helix.

Elves have a strong affinity toward both arcane and natural magics, using both to protect themselves or their territory. Items crafted by Elves are highly regarded for their beauty and the only works comparable to those of the Elves are those crafted by Dwarves. The Elves often enjoy simple things such as music, poetry, song, or dance.

Elves bear some of the longest lifespans of any race, surpassed only by giants, elementals, dragons and their like. While appearing to age at the same rate and physical maturity as humans, around 18-21 years old, Elves do not consider themselves mature. Only after a century or more of study and worldly life experience is an Elf considered a full adult. Many Elves live to be upwards of 900 years old with the oldest known passing 1,000 years of age before death.


Aluin make their homes in lush forests, woodlands, or jungles which has given them the nickname of Wood Elves. They live in small clans which hold their own territory within an area, however many clans live in close proximity to each other which often causes them to appear as if they are one large settlement. Each clan is lead by a single leader who is the eldest among them, leading through experience and insight. The Aluin may have pale to light tanned skin, often appearing more on the darker end as they are commonly outdoors during the day as they hunt or wander. Their hair comes in many natural colors of the forest in varying shades of light to dark brown, blonde, red, or black. Very rarely among their kind they may be born with pale greenish colored hair. The eyes of Aluin reflect the forest as well, coming in green, brown, hazel or blue.


The Asirian are the most commonly seen elves, building great cities like humans instead of living in small clans. They are often referred to as High Elves, both as a note of their achievements and as a derogatory term for their sometimes arrogant nature. The Asirian are ruled by a single leader who chooses an heir before their death, most often a male but in rare instances female. They often excel in the use of magical arts. The Asirian have a skin which ranges from creamy beige to a copperish tint. Their hair is often bright golden blonde but may also be red or light brown, and though rare, black. The Asirian have a metallic color base to their eyes, appearing as pale platinum, golden, silver or copper.


Most often dwelling in the darkness of the underground the Drow have adapted over countless centuries to fit their environment. The Drow are ruled by a single Queen who oversees religious affairs in place of a high priestess. This is in addition to her normal duties as queen. Their eyes allow them to see perfectly, albeit without color, in complete darkness. Their dark colored skin, which resembles obsidian, gives them an advantage at using the darkness, as well as the title of Dark Elves. The hair of the Drow contrasts their darker skin by being light in color, normally a white or silver while also having very pale yellow, lilac or blue on occasion. The eyes of a Drow come in hues of reds, from deep crimson to pink. Occasionally the iris may appear black or white to the point of being unable to tell the pupil from the iris in the former case or the iris from the sclera from the latter.


The Elantair live in the far northern or southern regions in the cold snows and lands of ice. They form smaller independent clans which are tied by blood. The Elantair have little to no contact with other clans unless for trade, marriage or when in conflict. The clans of the Elantair create their homes deep in hardened snow or glacial ice with tunnels carved between points much like an ant hill. Each clan itself is ruled by a number of elders which form a council. The Elantair are often called Snow Elves due to their very pale white skin which is the color of fresh snow. Their hair is often very light in color having white, or bright blonde hair, though very rare among them appears black hair which they view as ominous. Their eyes are the color of natural gems and come in colors of purple amethyst, blue sapphire, red or pink ruby, yellow or orange topaz, and green emerald.

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