I've been studying the work of an amazing woman called Chiara Bautista. Intensely personal, her work has a personal iconography of a type I've always admired; emotional, intellectual, gnomic, poetic. Having failed at identifying a set of symbols for myself personally, I've begun trying to apply what I understand of the process to FINDER. This is the first image I've come up with.
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There's absolutely nothing wrong with supporting someone at the $1 or $2 or $3 level. For you, that's $12 to $24 a year, but for the creator, if their $1 army is big enough, it's EVERYTHING. 

At this level, you get a snapshot of whatever I'm working on for any given workday.

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If I do any non-FINDER thing, I'll post it here. Many things masquerading as fanart are actually fishing for jobs, but not knowing which is which is part of the fun. It's not like I know either, at the point I publish these things!
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At this level I will give you all kinds of process posts. Thumbnail to pencils to inks etc, plus experiments with new materials, talk about what I do, advise folks on technique. Ask me anything! Videos, maybe?
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 This is where you get the comics. Right now, the story is FINDER: CHASE THE LADY, which has been published in eight-page chunks in DARK HORSE PRESENTS. But aha: the wham finish will be published HERE first! Story! Footnotes! Process materials! 
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My subscribers at this level appear in a comic. You might be a diva in an opera poster. You might be a kid on a box of cereal. You could be an elegant extra. Or be rescued! The possibilities are, well, not endless, but fun!
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When CHASE THE LADY finally drops, at this level you'll get a copy of the book, signed, plus a piece of original art from the book, and my profound thanks for supporting me. Shipped anywhere in the world.
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If there was an 8-bit game based on being a cartoonist, in it you would run around creating stacks of pages, bing bing bing, which you then have to sell or they fall over and you will be crushed by them! At this level, you get a page of inked story art, my choice, shipped anywhere in the world. If you have preferences, I will try to accommodate them, but you are saving a life here!
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