Rachel Held Evans

Hey Liturgists,

Our dear friend Rachel Held Evans is in the hospital in a medically induced coma dealing with a serious infection. Her husband, Dan Evans, is providing updates via Rachel's blog here. Rachel is an overwhelming force of love in our culture--so much so that the hashtag used to organize prayer for her was trending in the USA yesterday.

Rachel was one of the earliest and most voracious supporters of The Liturgists. She started contributing before we even had a podcast back when we made "worship experiences for people who may not believe in God." In fact, the second thing we ever made was a liturgy called Garden for Easter.

Rachel's contribution was a piece for today, and I mean literally today, Holy Saturday. I listen to it every year on this day, and today is more poignant than ever. Why?

Because like so many of us, I don't know what I think about prayer. I have all these rational and philosophical points of skepticism around a God who answers prayer. But, I also desperately want to pray for my good friend Rachel today. I want to pray for her husband, Dan, and their children. I want to pray for the medical team that is working to help Rachel's body do the magical work of getting better.

What could be more fitting today than Rachel helping me through my doubts and fears, using her own as a guide.

May your heart open wide as mine has today, and may God heal Rachel Held Evans.

-Science Mike

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