Racing Extinction (film), Saturn-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto
During major planetary alignments, we are often able to recognize archetypal dynamics in works of art, social movements, political events and other public or collective phenomena. Hard aspects between the outer planets (Saturn through Pluto) are particularly potent, correlating to pivot points in history, points of no return or fresh realizations which penetrate our collective reality.

Saturn-Neptune is quite visible in the trailer for this film, Racing Extinction: "Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Oscar®-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) assembles a team of artists and activists intent on showing the world never-before-seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction."

Racing Extinction trailer:

These images and information puncture a sense of safety, and may evoke feelings of helplessness, as the extent of illegal trade in endangered animals, the real loss of habitat and on and on, unfolds in one's awareness. It carries a feeling of disillusionment for some, perhaps. Some comments on YouTube reflect a sense of despair, or crying with compassion at the plight of wild creatures who are exploited.

But I also see Uranus-Pluto rather vividly in this trailer. As much as astrologers have focused on Uranus-Pluto's visibility in the human sphere, it has struck me as a moment when the voice of the Earth and the other-than-human could be amplified, as in this film. The unraveling of ecosystems likely won't be Hollywood-obvious--one day, we wake up and my goodness, I guess the industrial human impact on the Earth is real, because overnight, the sky has become some unearthly color, the plankton in the oceans evaporated, with the devastation popping up the food chain like dominoes.

In correlation to these two world transits, we may be more receptive to noticing the warning signs right now--which have been mounting for decades--but the consequences will unfold through time, long after Uranus and Pluto, and Saturn and Neptune have moved away from their respective square angles.

Realizing something and actually integrating that realization into one's life are two very different things. Moments of awakening may fade into unremarkable "events" as we fall back into a more comfortable slumber, whether that is on a personal level or a collective level. It's hard to know whether the influence of Uranus, the planet of awakenings, will be fleeting--as it can be--or actually taken seriously, and its implications allowed to change our lives--as it certainly also can.

(As an aside: Here is another perspective on what happens for those sensitive to an awakening not of the likes of Jupiter (celebration, elevation, expansion) but of a Plutonic timbre (what has been hidden, the taboo, wild nature, the impulse to survive: