Radical Peace - The May/June Issue

The theme this month is peace. Peace is not necessarily a place or a thing, it can also be a feeling we cultivate inside our sacred space. On my journey I have learned the powerful lesson of training myself to be more purposeful in how peaceful or not, I am.  Being conscious of my inner peace has changed the way I react to myself, others and the surrounding environment. I highly recommend cultivating more peace in your daily moments.

 Our featured creative writer in this issue is Iris Orpi. Iris is a talented and published Filipina poet living in Chicago, IL.

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As usual, you, my fantastic patrons are receiving an advanced copy. The rest of the world will have to until May 15th for access. I hope this gives you a sense of how much you mean to me. As I learn how to cultivate a reliable income from my work, your support gives me hope. Te amo hasta la luna. I love you to the moon.

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