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Time to present new mod for all of you who really enjoy some bloody and gore battles. This mod improves official Blood for the Blood God DLC with various changes and edited effects.

Blood for the Blood God DLC required!

This Mod fully supports latest game Patch and all DLCs. All changes included and adapted to my mods.

  • Blood patterns have various sizes, around 10-15 different (unlike vanilla 3-5).
  • Redesigned blood patterns on the ground and bodies.
  • Added blood effects and patterns to various missing attacks.
  • Added progressive blood patterns on soldiers bodies - longer in direct fight or injured - more blood on bodies.
  • Blood on the ground stays much longer (depends on the type from around  5 minutes to 10 minutes), wont dissappear after few seconds as in  original game.
  • Minimal hit on fps.


1. Download the mod pack attached to this post
2. Grab the file/s inside and move them here - Drive X:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\total war warhammer\data (or similiar place depending on your instalation directory)
3. Thats all, no need to activate it anywhere, mod will be always ON.

Due to different format graphical mods require to function, this mod  wont be on steam workshop since it cant use official launcher anyway.


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