Radious Mods Updated - 23.8.2017
 Good day everyone! 

We have for you another big update today which is fixing and improving many things!

Enjoy our changes and if you wish and like our work, please read this article - and consider supporting our project.


Radious Total War Mod and Radious Total Units Mod:

- Full support of official Norsca hotfix update.

- Several recruitment changes.

- Few minor improvements to Ai recruitment logic.

- Various economy and income balance changes.

- Few weapons slightly rebalanced.

- Various unit rebalancing - single unit creatures and monsters received various buffs and new abilities to make them more unique and effective, for example:

Manticores now having poison attacks + stats rebalance

Great Eagle bonus vs Large + protection vs magic + stats rebalance

Terrorgheist bonus vs large + protection vs missiles + stats rebalance

Vargheists protection vs magic + stats rebalance

Varghulf now causing sundered armor + stats rebalance

Trolls, Crypt Horrors, Chaos Spawns various stat changes and new protections (magic/physical)

- Fixed missing income for Norscan Occupied Couronne

- Fixed unusable Lamentation of Despair spell.

- Vampire Counts AI will recruit less missile units.

- Frost Wyrm RoR unlocked for custom battles.

- Several changes to custom Vampire units and which techs/skills effect them.

- Updated custom building icons to latest version.

Big Thank you to all our Patrons! Special thanks to Lords: Marcus F., Chris Cage, Logan Pendragon, Owen Bevan, Francisco Rodriguez, Maniac86, Setholtek, David Seidel, Michael Chodorowski, Jack Shauf, David Wary, Anthony DiPalma, Louie Kennedy, Legendary Lords:   Citizen Tibby,  Robert Crosby, Joseph Fridericia, Rob Cooper, Eutu Heiska, DerAndi, Frank Schwippe, conradkyl and to Emperors: Rob Zab, Travis Michelsen, Chris Whoa, LICHENG. 

View Total War Warhammer Changelogs on Google Docs 

Enjoy and have fun!

Team Radious