Radious Total War Mod - Warhammer 2 - Updated 25.11.2017 (Beta Patch)
Hello everyone!

Today we have for you update to fully support new beta patch released by CA few days ago. Took us many hours to fix all this!

More info about it and how to get it here -

Our Beta build now supports this update and should be fully operational with it. If you find any bugs, please report them on our discord here - 

Once update will go Live (few days to 2 weeks max) we will update our workshop mods aswell. Now you can get it from our google download here:


On top of beta patch support we have several additional changes and improvements ready:

- Various unit cards changes and improvements.

- Various text typos fixes.

- Removed Gorebull from Minotaur chain (was never suppose to be recruitable unit).

- Various balance changes to several units.

- Minor AI recruitment changes.

Big thank you to all our patrons!

Special thanks to our Lords: Devon Gary, Puddles404, VeriNoop, Nathanial Eriksen, Andreas Lang, ShadaePrajschet, Mister Grumps, Stevonovi, guynamedLD, Total War Marco, Chris-Marco, Adrian2b, Sermon, Louie Kennedy, Markus F., Chris Gage, owen bevan, Setholtek, Davis Seidel, Anthony Dipalma, Li Yunhan, Steven Stone, Karolis Mhm,  Frank Schwippe  to our Legendary Lords: Synthetic Man, Francisco Rodrigues, Centurion Teri, Rob Taylor, David Wary, Citizen Tibby, conradkyl, Joseph Fridericia, Rob Cooper, Conrad Froude, Luke P Fitzsimons, Dayne Edmondson, Maniac86, Chris Whoa, to our Emperors: Sandstome, Neferion, Rob Ha, Jake Gallagher,  Graffittisky, DerAndi, Licheng, Travis Michelsen, Clark Keller, Renmazouan, Malekith The Witch King, aldOs, Cole Owen, James Abbasi, Robert Crosby.

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Team Radious